Verbinski’s Bioshock Temporarily Halted


Less than a month after the announcement that director Gore Verbinski was passing on helming a fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film to move forward on directing a live action movie based on Take-Two Interactive’s video game Bioshock, Variety reports that Universal Pictures has put the brakes on the film in the middle of pre-production.

Unlike what happened to the Universal and 20th Century Fox adaptation of Microsoft’s Halo a few years back, everyone involved says they’re still determined to make the movie, despite Universal getting cold feet when the cost to make the film rose to $160 million (A similar thing happened with Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood before they reworked the script to do it for less money.) Verbinski and his production team will be evaluating whether they can make the movie outside the country to take advantage of tax credits.

You can read the entire story at Variety.