Bonaventura Bringing Lions, Tigers and Bears to Life


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura will produce Lions, Tigers and Bears, based on a comic book, for Paramount Pictures. The film would be live action but would call for considerable CG effects, reports Variety. Here is how the comic book is described:

A child’s instinctual need for the comfort of a stuffed animal is rooted in a reality long forgotten by the adult world. The hidden truth is that these companions have been defending children since the dawn of time. Follow young Joey on the adventure of a lifetime as he travels through the Stuffed Animal Kingdom, a journey that puts the fate of all the world’s children in his hands and brings him face to face with his destiny.

How many nights have you lain awake wondering if the monsters you imagine inhabiting your closet or lurking beneath your bed are real? How many hours pass in the night while your sleepless mind creates terrifying images of what lies just beyond your field of vision… out there, in the dark? How many minutes have gone by while you wait in fear, dreading the noise you thought you heard? How many seconds have pounded in your heart, as your imagination runs away to conjure the Beasties?

For those of you who ponder those questions lay down your fear, for the denizens of the Stuffed Animal Kingdom are on patrol, marshalling their forces and guarding your dreams.