In the Future with The Crazies ‘ Eisner and Mitchell

ON’s horror arm visited the set of Overture Films’ The Crazies on Monday (View Blog Updates) and received some updates on upcoming projects from director Breck Eisner and star Radha Mitchell.

Eisner was asked about his remake of The Creature From the Black Lagoon at Universal Pictures. He said that they “turned in another script there. I think they’re probably going to see how ‘The Wolfman’ does and then I think we’ll know from there.” For more on that, click here.

Mitchell was also asked about the status of a possible Silent Hill sequel. “I think they’re kicking it around, but I don’t think Christophe is attached,” she said. For more on that, and how she would want to return in the role, go here!

The Crazies, opening September 25, is loosely based upon the George Romero classic. It centers on the inhabitants of a small Pennsylvania town beset by death and insanity after a secret biological weapon makes its way into their water supply.