Watch the Original Ending to ‘Paranormal Activity’


Over the past month one of the most read articles on the site has been my article detailing the original ending to the breakthrough supernatural thriller hit Paranormal Activity and wouldn’t you know a watchful reader has made me aware of the availability of said original ending on YouTube.

I have no idea if this is a bootleg or what, but it is excellent quality so perhaps Paramount is leaking it out there to get folks interested… Either way, here it is, at least for now.

I will say this, watching it on a computer is extremely uneventful and not at all indicative of the theatrical experience. On top of that, this ending is nowhere near as effective as the one in theaters.

This is one of the few films I particularly enjoyed watching with a crowd. My audience was on pins and needles and outside of a random joke or two from a male audience member trying to make up for the fact he was more scared than he’d care to admit, I would say it was some of the most fun I have ever had at a movie… at least since seeing Friday at a dollar theater back in 1995.

Paranormal Activity is still in theaters and is now prepping to head overseas as on Halloween night it will begin showing in the U.K. with midnight screenings to help build buzz, much like Paramount did during the first October frame in the States. Icon is planning to go wide in Blighty in mid-November. For more on that read the full report at Variety.