Adrienne Shelly’s Morgan Stories Coming


The late Adrienne Shelly, writer/director of the 2007 Fox Searchlight hit Waitress, left behind another screenplay before she died that her widower will develop and produce.

The project, The Morgan Stories, is a multigenerational family drama that revolves around three sisters and follows them over the course of several decades. The Hollywood Reporter says Shelly widower Andy Ostroy, who launched All for A Films to maintain and further his wife’s legacy, said he believed it to be Shelly’s best script.

“If Adrienne’s previous movies were comedies with a little bit of drama, this is a drama with a little bit of comedy,” he said.

The pair recently completed producing another post-Waitress project based on a Shelly script, Serious Moonlight, a dark comedy about a wife who duct-tapes her husband to the bathroom just as burglars arrive. Cheryl Hines is making her directorial debut on the independently financed picture, which stars Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton.