First Look at Milla Jovovich in Perfect Getaway


A rather big update from writer-director David Twohy about his latest thriller A Perfect Getaway

The film – starring Timothy Olyphant, Milla Jovovich, Steve Zahn, Marley Shelton and Kiele Sanchez – was originally slated to hit theaters this week through MGM. According to Twohy, Universal has picked up the distribution rights now with the eye to give it a late-summer bow.

“Anyway, the date that works for Uni schedule is now sometime in August, possibly August 14th,” he writes. “And I’ll even caveat that, if only because movies frequently change release dates these days. Sometimes it’s a reflection of the movie itself, sometimes itÂ’s simply about the musical chairs that all studios play with their releases. So don’t get too hung up about it. I don’t.

Along with this news, he’s also posted two shots of his leading ladies, Jovovich (below) and Sanchez (here). “Getaway” concerns a Hawaiian honeymoon that turns dangerous for two lovers when they discover they are being stalked by a pair of killers.