They’re Rebooting ‘Cliffhanger’, Don’t Act Surprised


I have been covering movie news on since 2003, which means I have done my fair share of belly-aching whenever a new remake is announced and it gets tiring, not to mention boring for you to read. But what else can you do when you read there is a plan to, not remake, but to reboot Cliffhanger, the Sylvester Stallone 1993 actioner set in the Colorado Rockies? Perhaps it wouldn’t sound so silly if the Variety article didn’t have Original Films’ Neal Moritz saying, “Just as they rebooted Star Trek, we’re going to do the same with Cliffhanger.”

What does that even mean? “Star Trek” has a 40+ year mythology. Cliffhanger has a movie in 1993. Where is the comparison?

Then the Variety article says that unlike the original, where Italy stood in for the Colorado Rockies, the new redo looks set to feature multiple cliff-face locations. Is that supposed to get me excited? Oh boy, instead of trouble on one mountain there will be trouble on several mountains!

As of now there is no screenwriter attached but the plan is to shoot the film some time in 2010.

Do with this news what you will, but be sure you watch the insanely over dramatic trailer from the first film, which I embedded in this post.