Amy Smart Beats Up Corey Haim in One of Four Clips from ‘Crank 2’


Corey Haim in Crank: High Voltage
Photo: Lionsgate

Lionsgate has released four clips from the upcoming April 17 release of Crank: High Voltage, which they unfortunately aren’t screening for critics. Last time around I skipped Crank in theaters only to see it on Blu-ray and enjoy it immensely so I may have to head out and give this one a peek instead of waiting.

However, for now we have some clips and the one you are certainly going to want to check out if you are into the over-the-top absurdity and fun this franchise continues to present. Below is the clip titled “Randy Fight” in which Amy Smart reprises her role as Eve and takes to kicking the shit out of Corey Haim who plays Randy. I have no idea what part Randy plays in the story, but the clip is a good bit of fun.

Check out “Randy Fight” below, and click here for the other three, and get more from Crank 2 here.