Hasbro Head Talks Ouija Film


Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner updated MTV on the status of the Ouija film that’s currently in development at Platinum Dunes and Universal Pictures.

“Half of the people that play Ouija as a séance think it’s just a game,” Goldner, who is executive producing, tells the site. “The other half thinks it’s much more serious than that. So that idea, is this real or is this just sort of imagined? Is this something that’s done by the participants or is this something that’s really from beyond?”

David Berenbaum is scripting and Goldner says don’t expect a Jumanji-style romp through the supernatural but “of course breaking through to the other side is something we’re all kind of interested in. It’s such an intriguing idea, and that’s something we want to explore in this movie.”

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