SHOCKER: Depp Confirmed as Mad Hatter in Burton’s ‘Wonderland’


Anyone else NOT surprised?

In an effort to try nothing new I think we can now assume Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland will be a dark and twisted tale with craggly trees and crooked characters. It will have a spooky soundtrack and be drenched in a blue filter with harsh reds and cuh-razy costumes. And, oh yeah, did I mention it will also inlcude the helmer’s seventh film with Johnny Depp and potentially his fourth in a row depending on if Frankenweenie somehow hits theaters before Alice‘s March 5, 2010 release date.

Depp joins Mia Wasikowska who plays the title character while Matt Lucas will play the dual roles of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Just out of curiosity, anyone out there getting tired of the Depp/Burton team-up or does this continue to excite most folks?

Personally I have enjoyed Burton’s films such as Mars Attacks and Big Fish and wish he would go back to that instead of this endless amount of films that all look the same. Sure, I loved Sweeney Todd, but sheesh…