Must Watch: The Gremlins Torment Batman


John at The Movie Blog tips us off to this video which is a fan video made by Sacha Feiner, an animated movie director, special effects creator and sculptor from Brussels. Sacha claims to be a huge fan of Gremlins and after watching this homage in which he takes the moment from Gremlins 2 when the film breaks and the Gremlins invade the projection booth to a whole new level with his own effects and puppeteering work.

The films he has the Gremlins invade include The Exorcist, Batman (1989) as the Gremlins attack Batman’s Batmobile, Raiders of the Lost Ark turning the snake pit into a Zion style Gremlin party and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms featuring an XL-sized Gremlin.

Just watch the whole thing, it is great and had me immediately adding Gremlins to my Netflix queue.