Box-Office Wrap-Up: Aug. 22 – Aug. 24, 2008

Hey folks, Brad her to fill in for Laremy as he is off doing whatever people named Laremy do. So, you will have to get your box-office results, witty quips and comments from me this afternoon. Let’s get started as it looks like Laremy’s predictions missed just about every slot.
#1 movie predicted correctly: 0 Week In A Row
Can’t say I am sad to see this at the top, but I am a bit surprised. I actually thought, like Laremy, Death Race would take this top spot, but it seems fun comedy was the order for the weekend.
Result: 16.5 million (Laremy’prediction: #3, $3.1m off)
The House Bunny is a tough one to gauge, how old and how young does this one skew? Laremy had it damn near spot on with his prediction for this one, which is impressive considering he got pretty much everything else wrong.
Result: 15.1 million (Laremy’prediction: #2, $0.2m off)
This was the weekend Death Race was going to make its money because it isn’t a film that is going to gain traction or have great word of mouth. I am not sure if this is a disappointing result for Universal or what they expected, but I personally expected a little more.
Result: 12.2 million (Laremy’prediction: #1, $3m off)
Only $11 million away now from $500 million.
Result: 10.3 million (Laremy’prediction: #5, $1.3m off)
I wonder how many Star Wars fanatics have finally turned their back on this franchise. Will they come back for that live action television show and does the animated show even stand a chance now?
Result: 5.66 million (Laremy’prediction: #6, $1.24m off)
It cost $27 million to make and has now made just shy of $74 million. Uh, that is success.
Result: 5.60 million (Laremy’prediction: #9, $1.1m off)
Mirrors is up to $20 million now total. I have to assume that is well over the budget or close to it. Small numbers but I am guessing this is a success nonetheless.
Result: 4.8 million (Laremy’prediction: #8, $0.4m off)
Limp Bizkit dude directs Ice Cube in a family comedy? Who would have ever thought that the guy that was talking about screwing Britney Spears to Howard Stern would direct a family comedy with a guy that once sang “Givin’ Up The Nappy Dug Out”? Baffling.
Result: 4.304 million (Laremy’prediction: #7, $1.4m off)
This is where I should tell you that Fox’s comedy The Rocker didn’t even make the top ten. Laremy had it ranked #4 and it ended up at #12. Don’t blame Laremy for being wrong though, that is a colossal failure and not good news for Rainn Wilson’s movie career. I heard he throws up in his hand in the film? Oh, and I think Mamma Mia! has sing-a-long showings out now. Yay!
Result: 4.303 million (Laremy’prediction: Not Ranked)
$145 million to make and now it sits at #10 with $93 million to its credit. The complete budget doesn’t look like it will be made back at the box, but DVD and Blu-ray should send this one into the black.
Result: 4.0 million (Laremy’prediction: #10, $0.4m off)