‘Tron 2’ Teaser Footage Featured at Comic Con


Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

If you haven’t been keeping up with our Comic Con coverage I suggest you give it a peek right over here as we are doing our absolute very best to talk about what is actually interesting coming out of the convention this year as we get battered and beaten to a bloody pulp existing in a realm so far outside our normal lives.

One of the coolest things to come out of the first official day at Comic Con was footage from a film no one even knew had gotten to this stage. During Disney’s preview of The Rock starrer Race to Witch Mountain we were treated to an unexpected guest… a teaser trailer for Tron 2, referred to as TR2N in the footage.

Rather than type it up all over again I will give you my report just as it was featured on the blog

Walt Disney featured the teaser trailer for Tron 2 (shown as TR2N in the trailer) only a few minutes ago featuring Jeff Bridges. Bridges played Kevin Flynn/Clu in the original. In the trailer his character watches on as a pair of participants battle it out on light cycles in the iconic neon lit game environment.

I know nothing about the original Tron so I can’t tell you much, but in conversation here at the Con, Cybergosh from UGO (a big fan of the original) believes one of the people battling on the light cycles was in fact SARK from the original, he said, “It looked like a digital recreation… I was having a hard time figuring out what I was looking at.”

Cybergosh tells me it appears SARK may have found a way out of the game, because after the game ends in the trailer he walks up to his losing opponent who says, “This is just a game,” to which he replies, “Not anymore.”

Not knowing much about what I was seeing didn’t stop me from being terribly impressed.

I had head about this project, but didn’t know it was this far into production.