ON DVD TODAY: July 15, 2008


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
There isn’t a whole lot to say about One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest that hasn’t already been said. You can look back at just about every single Jack Nicholson performance and find reason to call one or the other his best. Cuckoo’s Nest is without a doubt one of his best. Warner didn’t send me a review copy of this film so I can’t tell you how the transfer looks, how it sounds or what the special features are like, but knowing them it’s going to be impressive. Very rarely am I ever not impressed by a Warner special edition release and I highly doubt they would mess this one up.

I still remember the first time I watched this movie and there is one line that gets me still to this day, “Hit me, Chief, I got the moves!” Now that is classic stuff.

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Ugh, Christina Ricci with a pig nose. Sorry, just not interested in this one and I find myself with very little to say.
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Meet Bill
Oh shit, Aaron Eckhart? Isn’t he in the new Batman movie? What’s it called? Incredible Iron Knight? Damn, it’s on the tip of my tongue… and he stars with Jessica Alba and Elizabeth Banks? Yowsers. Oh, but wait, Jessica Alba has a hard time spelling her name let alone acting, no wonder no one has heard of this movie. Just check out The Dark Hulk instead.
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The Bank Job
Here you have one of the better films of the year so far, a surprise at that. The first time I saw the trailer for The Bank Job I basically assumed all that was left to show us were the credits, because there couldn’t be any more to this film than was shown already. I am not saying the trailer didn’t give away a lot of the story (because it did), but there is still a lot left to be learned once you give it a watch. This is a film that has plenty going on and is much more than just your average heist film. Give it a rent and you may very easily find yourself buying it not too long afterwards.
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Step Up 2 the Streets (Dance-Off Edition)
If you can’t step up to the streets just what the hell can you step up to? Actually, I like this movie. I have the Blu-ray sitting over in the corner and I really need to dust it off and give it a watch because this film is a fun one if you are in the right mood and vastly superior to the first one. Now I know that’s like saying one punch in the face hurt a little less than another, but seriously, this one has a good soundtrack, a smokin’ female lead and it’s a lot of fun if you allow it to be. Step the fuck up, you may not mind doing so.
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How bad must Shutter actually be? Well, consider the fact that Fox didn’t even send me one of their bullshit check discs that look like they were made by a ten-year-old bootin’ DVDs out of his garage. This movie must be the equivalent of cinematic shit as ghosts in pictures come to kill you or some stupid shit like that. Got time to waste? Consider razor blades, because this one looks like it is a much slower and more painful way to go. That’s sarcasm of course, but you never know, it could also double as good advice.
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College Road Trip
I have this one out on Blu-ray for someone to review. I haven’t heard from them since and am starting to worry that they may have decided there are alternatives to torture. Sometimes I wonder who greenlights this crap, but then you also have to wonder just how hard up for cash Martin Lawrence is to sign on to star in this film. Martin has become the poor man’s Eddie Murphy and after Meet Dave that may be the worst insult you can give in Hollywood. I liked him much better when he was a “bad boy” and pulling guns on tourists.
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