Jaa Battles on Elephants in New ‘Ong Bak 2’ Posters


Remember Tony Jaa? Yeah, I hardly do either. He was pretty kick ass in Ong Bak and even though The Protector sucked balls he still broke about a million bad guy arms and legs in that feature. Sadly, it looks like American producers weren’t too impressed and he is now making a sequel to Ong Bak, which will be aptly titled Ong Bak 2 and based on the poster below it looks like he is actually going to battle the baddies on top of elephants!

According to Todd Brown at Twitch Film, who bring us the poster below and one more of which you an see by clicking here or on the poster below, Jaa is actually making his directorial debut on this one debuted some footage at Cannes and Brown says:

The promo for this that was on display in Cannes is absolutely spectacular – very well shot, loaded with action in a huge range of styles, and surprisingly bloody. Unless it’s let down by the script this will be truly incredible.

He also said he expects there to be a title change since this film has nothing to do with the plot of the first film, which, if you remember, involved Jaa hunting down some men that stole the head of from his town’s Buddha statue. If you haven’t seen it or even heard of it you really should check it out, Jaa is a kick-ass fighter. Twitch tells us, in this one Jaa stars in a period piece as a poor orphan boy raised by a collection of martial arts masters from across Asia and ends up an expert in all, fusing the styles into one comprehensive fighting style.

So, like I said, click here to check out both posters.

An elephant would be a bitch to fight on!