Danielle Panabaker on Prodigy


ComingSoon.net recently talked to Friday the 13th star Danielle Panabaker about her upcoming Chuck Russell-directed thriller, Prodigy.

The film centers on an elite prep school that promises to turn teenagers into geniuses through a drug-and-diet regimen for a half-million-dollar tuition. When several alumni turn up dead, the school’s valedictorian is assigned to investigate the murders, leading him to a rebellious student (Max Theriot).

Panabaker plays the brilliant daughter of a senator who begins to question the powers that be.

“There’s at least four to six weeks of fight training before we head to Spain,” Panabaker told us. “It is action, but there is a suspense element. It’s set about 40 years in the future where the kids are bred to be the best of the best. They’re given all of the medication. When someone tries to take advantage of all of that power, the whole system comes crumbling down.”

She added that “We’re still a couple of months away from getting going on it. I’m excited.”