TOP TEN: Break-Up Movies


Top Ten Break-Up Movies

In honor of this week’s release of Forgetting Sarah Marshall I have decided to count down the top ten break-up movies, and I am sure I have more than one movie that will surprise you as well as I am sure I have a few movies that you already assume will be on the list.

My hope is that you will check out the movies that surprise you and look at them from a “break-up” perspective rather than the way you traditionally may watch them and also check out the ones you may not be familiar with. Because I can say that all ten of these movies are good, if not very good, and definitely worth your time. However, placing them in an order as far as best break-up movies go was very, very hard. At least for me it was.

Just as a note, this list takes into consideration both quality of movie and its “break-up” factor. This means some movies rank higher because they are more of a break-up film than the others and vice versa. That said, let’s begin…

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