One Early FX Shot and More Looks at Will Smith’s ‘Hancock’


I think I may be one of the few folks excited to see Will Smith in Hancock. I have seen some negative reactions toward the film’s trailer around the Net and I actually thought it looked great, especially the bit where Smith tosses the whale back into the ocean. On top of that, I like Peter Berg and since he directed this I would be checking it out no matter what. Oh, and Jason Bateman is in it and so is Charlize Theron. Basically, it has a lot going for it.

Well, some new pics from the flick have popped up online. The one above looks like a really early special effects shot that hasn’t been completely fixed up, but the rest are some nice looks at the flick especially our first really good looks at Charlize Theron in the film. The one directly below looks like it may actually be part of a poster.

To check out the pics you can click here or on any of the pics in this article.