TOP TEN: Career Killer Flicks


Career Killer Flicks

Making a movie can be a real crapshoot. Some actors spend only two or three weeks on a film not knowing that those two or three weeks could – down the line – mean the end of their careers. They show up on set, get into character, start when the director yells, “Action!”, eat a donut (or three) and leave. After that, it’s pretty much out of their hands. Sometimes they get involved in poor projects where they should have known better. If it’s a success, the actor may be called brave for taking a risk. If it’s a failure, the actor’s judgment (sometimes talent) is called into question.

A lot of this goes for directors as well, but I feel less sorry for them. They have more control over the final product than anyone else involved in the film. If there’s a bad movie with their name on it, the odds are it’s because of them. They get credit for success, they must take full credit for failures.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the bigger career atrocities put on the silver screen. Let me be clear about something … these aren’t necessarily the worst movies ever made. That’s not what this list is. This list is made up of movies where an actor or director – who previously achieved a high level of mega-success – got that big chink in the armor that they never fully recovered from. These talents aren’t completely washed up. Some of them have even had some solid hits since their listed career disasters. But they were never quite the same since these blunders. In the end, whatever you or I think of these movies, it’s hard to argue there was a significant fall from grace after them. So, what movies are we talking about? Which talent? Let’s take a look …

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