TOP TEN: Best Movie Mustaches

Chia Hui Liu in Kill Bill: Volume 2

Wow. What can you say? Has a mustache ever been so long and wise? Not to mention perfectly colored! And look how it fits in with the whole look, where does this man’s hair start and where does his goatee end? Don’t even get me started on the eyebrows! And still, the mustache stands on its own and seamlessly blends with the overall vibe too.

To make this a slam dunk selection Chia made Uma a better woman after breaking her down to the level of a dog. He taught her to stop a man’s heart without breaking a sweat. He constantly stroked his mustache, recognizing it for the vital role it plays in society. It’s impossible to not love this face bunny. You want to snuggle up to it don’t you? It makes you feel safe and dirty all at the same time – a worthy choice for the top slot in the history of movie mustaches.

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