Remaking ‘The Thing’?


Remaking John Carpenter’s The Thing is like remaking Alien, it isn’t necessary and it can’t get any better. So, why is Strike Entertainment and Universal Pictures doing it? Who the hell knows.

Carpenter’s 1982 picture continued the storyline from the Howard Hawks directed 1951 flick The Thing From Another World, which centered on an alien monster that wiped out workers at an Army radar station. Carpenter’s film opened with a team arriving to find that encampment has been wiped out. The alien moved from the body of one team member to another, so it was never quite clear who the villain was.

Recently I had the chance to watch Carpenter’s version on HD DVD and I was floored, the film is fantastic and doesn’t need to be remade.

Strike recently remade Dawn of the Dead to great success (yeah Borat), but this is a move I don’t see paying off.

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