MGM Acquires Comedic Satire 2012-ish


Screen Daily reports that MGM is in negotiations to acquire end-of-the-world comedy 2012-ish: The Day the Earth Bent Over, formerly known as “Armageddagain.”

Produced by Hadeel Reda, the $25 million film will be directed by Robert Moniot from the screenplay he co-wrote with Travis Oates; it is set to shoot in Louisiana for a March 9 start date.

The plot follows a young scientist who fights to save the planet from a number of catastrophes that threaten mankind not to mention a bumbling president and a manic depressive NASA commander.

“The film is a comedic satire in the vein of ‘Airplane!’ and ‘Young Frankenstein,'” said Reda, “The film has an engaging story and the actors play the comedy straight with sharp dialogue and visual humor like the original classics of the genre.”