GRUDGE 2 Being Fast Tracked

If you didn’t have a grudge this last weekend you are one of the few as The Grudge pulled in nearly $40 miillion despite studio expectations around $15-20 million, and now it appears a sequel is in the works.

Creature Corner reveals that Grudge producer Roy Lee is already looking forward to a The Grudge 2 and another foreign horror remake based on the Korean film Ryeong to be titled The Ghost.

Lee told the site, “The Grudge 2 is now being fast-tracked, as we speak, and we’re now working on the details… It’s too early to say what our approach will be with The Ghost because the writer, Craig Rosenberg, is currently shooting a movie called Half Light and won’t be able to start working on the script for The Ghost until he completes his film. We’re all very excited about it.”

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