Depp Puckers Up for LIBERTINE?


It seems that while some history may be rewritten such as Oliver Stone’s Alexander removing the homosexual history from Alexander the Great’s life, yet Johnny Depp apparently isn’t as shy about smooching with the same sex.

MSNBC is reporting that Johnny Depp, starring opposite John Malkovich in the upcoming film The Libertine, about 17th Century poet John Wilmot, also known as the Earl of Rochester, may be swapping spit witha relative unknown.

Apparently Wilmot was believed to be bisexual and spies are reporting that Depp has some heavy-duty tonsil-hockey scenes with another man in the flick. “His name is Rupert Friend and he’s a fairly unknown actor,” says the source, “but very handsome. The lucky guy.”

Rupert Friend is far from a known actor, but this just might increase his likelihood for a spot in the limelight, along with the fact that he is currently cast as Mr. Wickham in the latest remake of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley.

Ain’t-It-Cool News is reporting the same info with a quote saying in one scene, Depp’s character walks into the House of Lords and spies an adversary. The Lord shouts ‘Coward!’ really loudly at Wilmot, to which Wilmot (Depp) paused, turned to the Lord, move up extremely close to him, then said, “My Lord, you cut me down I must confess, but in your mouth, my balls must rest,” all the while running one of his two canes up the inside of his adversary’s thigh.