SECRET WINDOW Comes to DVD June 22


Some windows should never be opened! Debuting #1 at the box-office during it’s first week of release, the psychological thriller Secret Window is a terrifying journey into one man’s personal nightmares, starring the most in-demand male star of the year in another off-beat performance, Academy Award®-nominee Johnny Depp. Reminiscent of a classic Hitchcock thriller, the box-office hit Secret Window will debut June 22 on DVD and VHS from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

Based on the best-selling suspense-filled novel “Secret Window, Secret Garden” by Stephen King and directed by master of suspense David Koepp (Stir of Echoes, writer of Panic Room), Secret Window also stars John Turturro (Mr. Deeds, Barton Fink), Maria Bello (The Cooler, Auto Focus), Charles Dutton and Timothy Hutton. Click here to preorder.

Special Features:

  • Four Deleted Scenes
  • The Making of Secret Window: the documentary is split into 3 parts.
  • From Book to Film, focuses on director David Koepp’s challenge to adapt the Stephen King Novella into a film.
    • A Look Through It, is about the filmmaking process itself
    • Secrets Revealed, gets into how Koepp reveals who the Johnny Depp character really is.
    • Feature Audio Commentary From Director David Koepp
    • Animatics: Animated storyboards the director created before shooting the film
    • Remastered in High Definition
    • Bonus Trailers
    • Scene Selections