SDCC: Dean Koontz Says Odd Thomas Movie in the Works


Novelist Dean Koontz told San Diego Comic-Con attendees on Saturday that he now as a movie script adapted from his book “Odd Thomas” in hand and he’s very pleased with the results. Koontz also teased that an unnamed actor has signed on to play the title character, but he clammed up before spilling his identity, much to the chagrin of the panel audience.

Koontz added that after reading the script, which was written by an unnamed screenwriter, he ‘fell over’ because it was ‘so perfect.’

“Odd Thomas” tells the story of the title character – a fry cook whose life flies very low on the societal radar. However, Odd has a gift… the ability to communicate with the dead. The book was published in 2003 and Koontz has since followed it up with three other Odd-centric books. He told Con-goers that the Odd Thomas tales will wrap as a set of seven books.

“I know how it ends,” said Koontz. “But I don’t know how he gets there yet.”

Koontz did not reveal any time table for production of the Odd Thomas movie.