SDCC: The Land of the Lost Panel


Lights flickered across the stage and the classic sound could be heard of a Sleestak just before the shadowy shape ran across. Everything went completely dark and the monitors above came on to reveal the Land of the Lost teaser:

Will Ferrell sits on a stool beneath a spotlight in an old, darkened room strumming on a banjo and slowly singing the original theme. He makes it about halfway through and then looks up saying, “I always forget this part. Does anyone remember the words?” Words flash across the screen: MARSHALL, WILL, HOLLY, ROUTINE EXPEDITION. The scene comes back to Will, trying again to sing but having to mumble through some of the words. “LAND OF THE LOST, 2009” appears and the teaser ends.

To the applause, director Brad Silberling joined stars Anna Friel, Jorma Taccone and Danny McBride and original creators Sid and Marty Krofft. Silberling promised, right of the bat, a number of things that would definitely make an appearance in the film: Pylons and crystals (“In new and wonderous ways,” Enik, Cha-Ka, and dinosaours Dopey and Grumpy). He did say, though, that Uncle Jack was sequel territory.

As a special surprise, Will Ferrell made a video appearance. Though pre-taped, the joke was set up that he was answering questions live from another hotel in San Diego and had a bad audio connection.

The panel ended with a brief bit of footage that they said would be officially available within the month:

White on black text reads:

10 thousand pounds

Over 20 feet tall

Driven by hunger

Never before witnessed by man

The scene cuts to a dinosaur walking through a prehistoric jungle. In the foreground, Will Ferrell looks directly into the camera with his back to the creature.

“He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” says Ferrell, “I’m just trying not to move.”

The theme comes up and it cuts to the “Land of the Lost, 2009” text.

Land of the Lost hits theaters on July 17, 2009.