Tropic Thunder ‘s Rain of Madness Updates


DreamWorks/Paramount has launched more viral sites linked from the “Rain of Madness” website. “Rain of Madness” is a mockumentary that talks about what happened during the shooting of movie within Tropic Thunder, opening August 13th.

There is now an official site for Tugg Speedman, the actor played by Ben Stiller in the film, as well as an official site for Kirk Lazarus, played by Robert Downey Jr. To check those out, just click the links in the previous sentence. Be sure to check out their filmographies, which have links to official sites for their movies as well (with some cameos from other stars).

Also, check out the website for the Make Pretty Skin Clinic, the company responsible for changing Lazarus into a “black” man.

And, in researching about Tugg Speedman’s “Favorite Charity,” the Panda Relocation Foundation, we stumbled upon this photo found here. Nice.