CS Videos: Rogen & Franco on Pineapple Express !


ComingSoon.net’s Heather Newgen talked exclusively to Seth Rogen and James Franco about their new action-comedy, Pineapple Express, opening in theaters on Wednesday, August 6th.

In the film, lazy stoner Dale Denton (Rogen) has only one reason to visit his equally lazy dealer Saul Silver (Franco): to purchase weed, specifically, a rare new strain called Pineapple Express. But when Dale becomes the only witness to a murder by a crooked cop (Rosie Perez) and the city’s most dangerous drug lord (Gary Cole), he panics and dumps his roach of Pineapple Express at the scene. Dale now has another reason to visit Saul: to find out if the weed is so rare that it can be traced back to him. And it is. As Dale and Saul run for their lives, they quickly discover that they’re not suffering from weed-fueled paranoia; incredibly, the bad guys really are hot on their trail and trying to figure out the fastest way to kill them both.