Warren Zide Heads Back to High School


Warren Zide (American Pie) has bought comedy spec script High School from John Stahlberg Jr. and Stephen Susco (The Grudge), with Stahlberg set to direct the project.

Zide’s producing through his Parallel Zide banner; Stahlberg and Susco are executive producing along with Ryan Lewis. Variety says shooting is planned for later this year.

The story centers on a high school valedictorian who, after getting high with the school stoner and facing a drug test, makes what seems like the only logical decision: getting the entire school stoned so he can beat the test by making everyone fail.

Zide has recently announced development of The Harvard Zombie Massacre and signed Joe Dante to helm horror project Bat Out of Hell.

Stahlberg and Susco have partnered with Michael Douglas’ Further Films to produce the thriller Zero Dark Thirty, with Susco penning the screenplay.