Christensen Up for Jumper Sequel


With the Jumper DVD (read review) and Blu-ray Disc hitting stores Tuesday, star Hayden Christensen (“Star Wars” prequels) tells the Toronto Sun he’s up for a sequel.

“We’re talking about it,” the 27-year-old Canadian actor said. “I know that they’re having those conversations, I hear about them.” So would he sign on again? “Oh yeah, and I think I probably will.”

Liman originally planned a movie trilogy based on Steven Gould’s novel. Liman spun out a liberal re-imagining of Gould’s more personal story about child abuse, which had jumping as a metaphor for escape.

“It was set up to become that — a trilogy — if it did well,” Christensen added. “And I think they’re happy with how it did so they want to make another one. But I don’t think they’re rushing to get into production.”

Jumper, made for about $85 million, earned a solid $221.4 million worldwide in theaters.