Quantum of Solace Filming at Garda Lake


Scooper ‘Marco’ tells us the Quantum of Solace production has hit Garda Lake in Italy and he sent along a few pics. Here’s a brief report that does include a spoiler:

This afternoon, I went to Garda Lake, where the cast of Bond 22 is shooting! Today they’ve shot in a tunnel, in a village called Limone Del Garda! The set was [guarded] but I’ve talked with 3 members of the crew, very kind. They’ve told me that this morning they’ve shot an amazing accident sequence!! But that’s not all. When I was coming home, I’ve seen, in a little place near the location, 3 other members of the crew, with one of the seven (yeah, 7!!), Aston Martin DBS’s [used in] the movie, with the lowest part modified in order to install cameras.