Allison Janney Set for Two Comedies


Allison Janney is hitting a comic doubleheader, landing roles in Sam Mendes’ tentatively titled This Must Be the Place for Focus Features and the Eddie Murphy vehicle A Thousand Words for DreamWorks, says The Hollywood Reporter.

In Brian Robbins’ “Words,” Janney plays Murphy’s boss, a savvy, money-grubbing head of a literary agency. Murphy plays a man who discovers he only has a thousand words left to say before he dies.

In Mendes’ relationship comedy, Janney plays a loud, brassy, decidedly un-PC woman who admittedly has a few screws loose. She reunites with a former employee in Phoenix, where the expectant mother/employee (Maya Rudolph) begins a tour of the country with her husband (John Krasinski) to find the best place to raise their child. Toni Collette and Cheryl Hines also star.