Lundgren to Star in and Direct Command


Dolph Lundgren will star in and direct Millennium/Nu Image’s Command Performance, an action-thriller he co-wrote with Stave Latshaw, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Lundgren has spent the past few months in postproduction on his previous directing and acting vehicle, Sony’s Missionary Man, preparing it for a debut at next week’s AFI Dallas festival. He is coming off a starring turn in another Millennium/Nu Image actioner, Direct Contact.

Lundgren describes “Command” as “‘Die Hard’ at a rock concert,” with the story focusing on a drummer for the warm-up band of a big American performer giving a concert for the Russian premier. Naturally, the bad guys break up the show. And just as naturally, the drummer is an ex-Marine.

“I got the idea from Madonna,” Lundgren said. “She did a concert for (Russian President Vladimir) Putin a few years ago.”

Lundgren will not be using a stunt double for the truly complicated scenes, including the percussion sequences. “I used to play when I was a kid. Now I play at wrap parties after I’ve had a few tequila shots,” he said with a laugh. “It’ll be fun.”

“Command” is scheduled to shoot in Moscow and at Nu Image-owned Bulgarian studio Nu Boyana in the summer.