Michael Douglas to Haunt Girlfriends


At the New York junket for his new movie The Spiderwick Chronicles, ComingSoon.net asked director Mark Waters about his upcoming New Line romantic comedy The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, a once troubled production, which he restarted with Matthew McConaughey in the lead.

In the film, McConaughey plays Connor, a womanizer who attends the wedding of his younger brother (Meyer) and bride (Chabert). There, he’s haunted by several old flames, including the bride’s best friend (Garner).

Although a lot of the supporting cast has been announced in the last couple days, including Jennifer Garner, Breckin Meyer, Lacey Chabert, Anne Archer and Emma Stone (from Superbad), one name that hasn’t been mentioned but that we got out of Waters is the one and only Michael Douglas who will be playing “the Marley character, the old ghost who’s dead, his Uncle Wayne, a ’70s playboy, who was his mentor and he wears Bob Evans shades and guides him around the ghost world.”

Waters also told us what he thought that McConaughey brought to the table when replacing the film’s original star Ben Affleck. “There’s something great about Matthew. He has an aspect of him that he can get away with murder with women. He’s the kind of guy where women are apologizing to him when he breaks up with them, because he’s so charming. It’s always been such a delicious concept of taking a Christmas Carol and making a romantic comedy out of it.”

Filming begins February 19 in Boston.

Look for more with Waters next week before The Spiderwick Chronicles opens nationwide in regular and IMAX theaters on Thursday, February 14.