Toy Fair: A Look at Hasbro’s Star Wars Figures and Toys


star wars figures

There’s still two more days of Toy Fair 2015 so hopefully you’re not all toyed out. With the same caveat we gave for our look at LEGO’s upcoming Star Wars toys, Hasbro showed a bunch of their new toys and figures, without showing anything from J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

That basically meant that most of the action figures and toys were either from the popular animated show “Star Wars Rebels” or from the vintage Star Wars movies with a number of new Black Series figures including Han and Luke in Stormtrooper suits, Luke in his Hoth uniform with a Wampa, Emperor Palpatine, Princess Leia in her Boushh disguise, IG-88 and Clonetrooper Commander Cody. (Thanks to Scott Chitwood for help on figuring some of those out!) 

One of Hasbro’s new initiative this year is that they’re bringing Star Wars into the Hero Mashers world that they introduced with Marvel and Transformers, so you can get various Star Wars characters and swap their heads, torsos and limbs to create bizarre amalgam characters. Another new thing is that Hasbro is incorporating Play-doh into the Star Wars world with the tubs having different character designs.

While you might think that Hasbro has been able to do everything humanly possible with their lightsabers, the latest thing is Blade Builders, a modular system where you can create and modify your own custom lightsaber using a variety of light and foam blades. You can watch a demo of that in the video below. 

Hasbro is also introducing a new electronic toy called Furbacca, which you’d be better off watching the video below to see what that is. (Hint: If you know what a “Furby” is then that gives you a hint.)

Here is a gallery of some of Hasbro’s new toys and figures.

Furbacca Demo 1

Furbacca Demo 2

Blade Builders Demo