One Missed Call Answers an Opportunity


onemissedbo.jpgThe Box Office Report has been updated with studio estimates for the weekend and you can read a full analysis from The Weekend Warrior. Be sure to check back on Monday for final figures based on actual box office.

The normally slow first month of the year once again became the perfect time to open a low-key horror movie as the remake of J-horror movie One Missed Call saw an opportunity and grabbed it with an estimated opening weekend of $13.5 million in 2,240 theaters–an average of over $6k per theaters–surpassing early expectations and studio tracking after an opening day of over $5 million. Even so, it would have to settle for fifth place for the weekend behind a number of stronger returning movies including Jerry Bruckheimer’s National Treasure: Book of Secrets (Disney) starring Nicolas Cage, which remained on top for a third weekend in a row with $20.2 million, down 43% from last week. So far, it has grossed $171 million, just a few million short of matching the total gross of the original National Treasure.

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