Record $9.62 Billion Year at the Domestic Box Office


Industry box office grosses in totaled $9.62 billion in 2007, or 5% more than a year earlier and 4% more than the industry’s previous high from 2002.

Ticket sales also were up from 2006, with 1.41 billion admissions marking a 1% year-over-year uptick and the highest tally since 2004. In that year, admissions totaled 1.48 billion, or 5% more than in ’07, before plunging to 1.38 billion in 2005.

Domestic moviegoers paid an average $6.82 per ticket in ’07, or 4% more than in ’06.

In another first, all six major studios jumped the $1 billion mark at the domestic box office, with 20th Century Fox crossing over during the last weekend of the year.

In terms of market share, Paramount won the crown thanks to DreamWorks, posting total receipts of $1.49 billion, up 55% from last year.

Warner Bros. posted box office of $1.42 million, gaining 34%. Disney came in third, posting receipts of $1.36 billion, down 9%.

Sony was down 27% from last year, with total box office of $1.24 million in 2007.

Universal posted receipts of $1.1 billion, a 38% gain.

Fox saw box office of $1.01 billion, down 28%.