The Oscar Warrior’s 2008 Preview Part 2

ON’s resident box office expert The Weekend Warrior has posted Part 2 of his 2008 Oscar Preview as well as a list of updated predictions. Here’s a brief preview:

About a month ago, we posted Part 1 of a very lengthy and verbose overview of some of the movies vying for awards that have been released earlier this year or have been playing festivals. Something happened along the way where the second part, which was supposed to come out a week later, got delayed to the point where some of the movies “being released soon” have actually come out already, plus there were also two major oversights left out of our festival coverage which will be covered here.

To wrap things up, at least for now, we’ll take a look at the movies that are either in theatres now or coming out soon, plus a few that have not been seen by that many people yet that either will surprise or disappoint if they don’t live up to their lofty expectations.

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