Source Code Sequel on the Way with Anna Foerster Directing!


Source Code

Duncan Jones’ original time travel thriller Source Code is getting a sequel! Variety reports that The Mark Gordon Company and Vendome Pictures (who were both responsible for the 2011 original) have hired “Outlander” director Anna Foerster to helm a big screen follow-up. Source Code scribe Ben Ripley is set to return to provide the screenplay.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the first film as Colter Stevens, a soldier who finds himself part of a top secret government project through which his consciousness is sent back to repeat the same eight minutes of time over and over in the hopes of retrieving information that can prevent a grand disaster.

Shortly after the original film was released, word broke that the story of Source Code would continue on the small screen. Jones himself announced on social media that he was not involved with that iteration. Whether or not he’s connected in any way to these new sequel plans remains to be seen, although he likely has his hands full for the time being as he’s helming the upcoming video game adaptation Warcraft.

There’s also the question of whether or not Gyllenhaal might return in some capacity, although the story certainly lends itself the chance to feature an all-new protagonist. Jones himself likened Source Code to the ongoing adventures of Scott Bakula’s Dr. Sam Beckett on “Quantum Leap” and even gave Bakula a cameo in the original film. You can check out’s video interview from 2011 wherein Jones discusses that easter egg right here.

The Source Code sequel will be produced by Mark Gordon and Philippe Rousselet. Michele Wolkoff and Drew Simon and Guy Fabrice Gianfermi and Guy Stodel will oversee for the Mark Gordon Company and Vendome Pictures, respectively.