Avatar , Wolverine & Underworld 3 Shooting Dates


The NZ Film and Video Technician’s Guild has posted some very specific shooting dates for James Cameron’s Avatar, Hugh Jackman’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and even an apparent Underworld 3. They also posted unconfirmed info for Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, which is already filming:

Laundry Warrior
Format: 35mm Feature Film
Dates: Nov 2007 – Feb 2008
Location: Auckland (Henderson Valley Studios)
Production Co: Sad Flutes Ltd
Producer: Barrie Osborne

They Came From Upstairs
Format: 35mm Feature Film
Dates: 21st January – April 2008
Location: Auckland
Production Co: New Upstairs Productions Ltd

Underworld 3
Format: Feature Film
Dates: January – March 2008
Location: Auckland
Production Co: UW3 Film Productions Ltd

Format: Feature Film
Dates: Prep from October 8th; Shooting 10th Dec 2007 – 18th January 2008 (2 week break over Christmas 21st Dec 2007 – 7th January 2008)
Locations: Queenstown and surrounds
Production Co: WOZ Productions

Format: 3D HD Feature Film
Dates: October – November 2007 (6 weeks shooting)
Location: Wellington (Stone Street Studios)
Production Co: 880 Productions Ltd
Director: James Cameron

The Lovely Bones
Format: Feature Film
Dates: From 28th January 2008 (5 weeks)
Location: Wellington
Production Co: Wingnut Films
Director: Peter Jackson