Waters Penning CIA Spy and Earthlings


Writer Daniel Waters has been hired to adapt Lindsay Moran’s memoir “Blowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy” for Paramount Vantage.

Additionally, he is developing his first TV project, “Earthlings,” for SCI FI Channel, with producers Aaron Craig Geller, Darryl Porter and Fox Television Studios.

“Blowing My Cover” tells the story of Moran, who, a few years out of Harvard and fresh from a Fulbright scholarship in Bulgaria, decided to follow her childhood dream of becoming a spy. But far from being a female James Bond, Moran discovered that the life was more isolating than anything else, with her not able to tell even her closest confidants or boyfriends what she did for a living.

“Earthlings,” described as a darker and subversive successor to such shows as “Mork & Mindy” or “3rd Rock From the Sun,” follows three aliens on Earth who try to save the planet but are continually vexed by humankind’s irrational behavior, which seems to find ways to defeat their good intentions.The project is being developed as a 90-minute pilot.