New Mummy Photos, Video and Update!


The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor director Rob Cohen has been adding even more content to his official Blog for the movie, including new photos, a third behind-the-scenes video and a new update, of which a clip follows:

Jet Li is finally has joined us in Montreal and the production has palpably kicked up into a higher gear. As I shoot our “trekking through the Himalayas” sequence where our heroes are searching for Shangri-la, I am madly refining the Emperor/Rick O’Connell fight with stunt co-ordinators Ku Huen Chzu (known to everyone as Dede) and Mark Southworth. It’s a real contrast in styles, Brendan’s and Jet’s, highly balletic, powerful Wushu vs. the brutal directness of Krav Maga plus magic and shape-shifting creatures leading to the the climax aided by Luke Ford and the clash of armies overhead. I have seven days to shoot it so this will be my last entry until China. We wrap here next Thursday; then I’m off to L.A. for less than twenty-four (obstetrician and VFX meetings with D.D. and R&H) then straight to Beijing and Tian Mo, the desert three hours north of the capitol.

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