Summit to Bring Moon to IMAX


Summit Entertainment has acquired domestic distribution rights to 3-D animated film Fly Me to the Moon and set a Feb. 15 release date.

Summit will release “Moon,” an nWave production in association with Illuminata Pictures, in IMAX theaters along with locations that have installed technologies such as Real D, Dolby 3-D and Nuvision. It is presumed that “Moon” will open at more than 1,000 locations, all in 3-D.

The CG-animated movie centers on three teenage flies stowing away on the Apollo 11 flight. The voice talent includes Christopher Lloyd, Tim Curry, Kelly Ripa, Nicollette Sheridan, Adrienne Barbeau and Robert Patrick.

“Moon” was created entirely in 3-D, not converted after its completion. It’s directed by Ben Stassen and written by Domonic Paris; producers are Charlotte Clay Huggins, Caroline Van Iseghem, Gina Gallo and Mimi Maynard.