Fivesome Will be Saving Grace


Penelope Ann Miller, Tatum O’Neal, Joel Gretsch, Piper Laurie and Michael Biehn will star in the period drama Saving Grace for veteran performer and first-time feature writer-director Connie Stevens, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Miller and Biehn will play Bea and Landy Bretthorse, a couple whose life in a 1950s-era Missouri town is thrown into chaos when Landy’s sister Grace (O’Neal) is released from the local asylum and comes to live with the family. Gretsch will play Grace’s ex-husband, who was married to her for one day, and Laurie will play the administrator who runs the asylum where Grace stayed for 15 years.

The story is personal for singer-actress Stevens, who is producing the project with Ralph Singleton (Because of Winn Dixie) for Saving Grace B Jones. She was visiting relatives in Boonville, Mo., in 1951 during severe floods that play a pivotal role in her screenplay. Her film is now being shot on location there.