Cillian Murphy Joins Dali & I


Cillian Murphy will star opposite Al Pacino in Dali & I: The Surreal Story for Room 9 Entertainment, says The Hollywood Reporter. Andrew Niccol is directing while Room 9 partners David O. Sacks, Daniel Brunt and Michael R. Newman produce.

The movie, which will span the 1960s-80s, follows the time in Dali’s life when most of his great work was behind him and he became more flamboyant. Dali (Pacino) also developed a mentor-protege relationship with a young art dealer named Stan Lauryssens, who will be played by Murphy.

The part of Gala, Dali’s wife, has yet to be cast.

Room 9 originally acquired the project as a spec written by John Salvati, based on Lauryssens’ autobiographical book “Dali and I.” Niccol rewrote the script.

“Dali” is scheduled to begin shooting in early 2008 on location in Spain and New York.