Fox Atomic Picks Up Average American Male


The novel “Average American Male” has been picked up by Fox Atomic with Betty Thomas on board to produce with an eye to direct.

Adapting the book is its author Chad Kultgen, a former Weekly World News writer.

“Average’s” unnamed narrator is a man in his late 20s who hangs out with his friends and girlfriend, plays video games and holds an insignificant job. He reveals to readers his racy thoughts on his girlfriend, watching porn, his disgust with people in general and that he should either live life alone or bite the marriage bullet.

The Hollywood Reporter says interest in “Average” sparked after its publisher Harper Perennial, a division of HarperCollins, produced three one-minute videos for YouTube after having problems getting press for the novel.

Kultgen has another project in development with New Line Cinema, penning the comedy Burt Dickenson, Most Powerful Magician on the Planet Earth.