Felicity Huffman Plays The Accordion


LA.com reports that Felicity Huffman (“Desperate Housewives”) is planning on starring in The Accordion, a big-screen romantic comedy reteaming renowned director/producer Norman Jewison with his Moonstruck screenwriter, John Patrick Shanley.

“I’m working on the screenplay now with John, and Felicity wants to do it, but it’s always a matter of availability,” notes Jewison, whose 1987 “Moonstruck” garnered a Best Picture nomination and earned Oscars for both Shanley and the flick’s star, Cher. He says “The Accordion” is “based on an Italian film called ‘Bread and Tulips’ about a woman who has been married for a number of years and has really never seen anything or had a chance to be on her own. She gets stranded in the South on a golf tour and ends up alone. It follows her change in life and experiences. It’s a very funny, touching romantic comedy. In the Italian film the setting was Venice, but we’re changing Venice to New Orleans post-Katrina. Every film has a place and an ambience, and it’s very important because the setting and where it takes place is part of the story, so the city is very involved in the film.”

Visit the link above for more on the project.

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