Fourth Horseman Rides Into Intrepid


Intrepid Pictures has acquired supernatural thriller The Fourth Horseman, written by Marshall Uzzle and Perry Fair, and set it up with Intrepid partners Marc D. Evans and Trevor Macy along with Mike Karz.

The writing team of F. Paul Benz and Steve Tomlin (Snow Blind) has been brought in to rewrite.

“Horseman” centers on a young priest’s battle to thwart the rise of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, when three of the horsemen — War, Pestilence and Famine — await the birth of their fourth brother so they can fulfill their destiny and bring about the end of times.

Intrepid’s upcoming releases include Balls of Fury, opening Wednesday, and The Strangers, to be released by Rogue in early 2008. The company is also producing Doomsday with Crystal Sky and Couriers with Jason Netter of Kickstart Comic Art Studios and executive producer Ken Levin.