Spyglass Plays The Game


Spyglass has picked up big screen rights to Neil Strauss’ dating novel The Game, which Dan Weiss will adapt.

The project, set up at Sony with Michael De Luca last year, will now be financed by Spyglass and produced by Depth of Field. Depth of Field partner Chris Weitz was originally going to adapt the book, but then he got pulled back into direct The Golden Compass after Anand Tucker departed the project.

The book recounts “an average frustrated chump’s” attempts to become the world’s best pickup artist with the help of professional seduction experts.

Weiss has done a series of rewrites, including for Halo and Peter Weir’s Pattern Recognition. He also penned the HBO pilot “Game of Thrones” with David Benioff.

Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum and Jonathan Glickman are producing for Spyglass, and Chris and Paul Weitz are producing with Miano for Depth of Field.